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 Baima Pivotal Project for Navigation and Power Generating of Wujiang River
Baima Pivotal Project for Navigation and Power Generating is situated in the lower reach of Wujiang river and the dam site is in the territory of Wulong county of Chongqing with the controlling drainage area of 83690 square kilometers. Linked upward with Yinpan hydropower station and being the lowest level cascade of the main stream of Wujiang river, Baima Pivotal Project for Navigation and Power Generating is a pivotal project giving consideration to both canalized waterway and reverse regulation of Yinpan hydropower station. This hydropower station is a project privileged to navigation and power generation.
The normal storage level is 183m, storage capacity is 158 million m3, and regulation storage is 32 million m3. 10 bulb units of 40.5MW are installed with the total installed capacity of 405MW, annual energy output of 1646 million kw.h, maximum head of 31.44m and normal power minimum head of 7.12m. The total construction time is 78 months, time limit for generating electricity is 58 months, static total investment is 7.5 billion RMB and canalized waterway is 49 kilometers long.

 Pengshui Hydropower Station of Wujiang River
Pengshui hydropower station, in the territory of Pengshui county of Chongqing, is the last level cascade of the main stream of Wujiang river, linking downward with the Three Gorges with the normal storage level of 175m. Changjiang basin planning office has finished the preliminary design of Pengshui hydropower station in 1983 and according to the examination requirements has finished the feasibility study report of Changxi hydropower station.
Changxi dam site is situated in the upper reach 11km of Pengshui county, with the river low water of 211m, controlling drainage area of 70000 square kilometers, average annual discharge of 1320 m3/s. The terrain is a V-shaped symmetrical gorge, with abundant mountains on both sides and rocks tending to upstream. The dam foundation is on the fourth floor of Nanjingguan Formation with high strength of rock mass. The normal storage level is 290m, correspondent capacity is 1240 million m3, dead water level is 278m, and regulation storage is 431 million m3, with the seasonal regulation performance. The installed capacity of power station is 1.2 million kw and the average annual energy output is 7240 million kw.h. Pengshui hydropower station is composed of dam, overflow structure, power station, navigation structure and seepage control engineering. The dam is an arch-shaped roller-compacted concrete gravity dam with the maximum dam height of 116.5m. The underground power house is set on the right bank and 5 large-scale mixed-flow water-turbine generator units with unit capacity of 350 thousand kw are installed, with the total installed capacity of 1.75 million kw. The navigation structure is set on the left bank, composed of single line shiplock and shiplift, designed for 500-ton ships passing the dam.

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