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Short course on CCHE2D models will hold on June 18

2018/4/24 9:37:41

CCHE2D is an integrated software package developed at the National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering, the University of Mississippi. This model is based on Efficient Element Method. It is a general numerical model for two-dimensional
simulation and analyses of free surface flows and the associated processes.Water flows in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coasts including floods, dam break flows can be simulated by CCHE2D model. The processes of sediment transport, morphologic change, pollutant transport and water quality, etc. dominated by water flows can also be studied using this model. 
A Graphic User Interface, CCHE-GUI, has been developed for applications of CCHE2D. The GUI is a user-friendly tool, it helps to setup parameters, boundary and initial conditions, drive and manage simulation cases, visualize, analyze and animate the simulation results. A mesh generator, CCHE-MESH, is also developed for effectively discretize a computational domain for numerical simulations.
In this short course, general methodologies of the models will be covered and test examples
will be used to demonstrate the use of the models. Several test cases will be used for hands-on practice of entire numerical simulation processes. The CCHE2D model is being continuously refined, enhanced and improved for better and additional capabilities at the NCCHE. New versions of the base model and the modules will be reported and released in the near future.

Short Course Contents (1day)
1.     Introduction    (YJ)
2.     Numerical Methods
·      Hydrodynamics           (CCHE2D methodology, YJ)
·      Sediment transport     (CCHE2D-Sed, YJ)
·      Mesh generation  (CCHE Mesh, YZ)
·      Graphic user interface (CCHE GUI, YZ)
3.     Mesh generation practices (YZ)
·      CCHE-MESH: Demonstration and Practice (YZ)
·      CCHE-MESH: Bed interpolation and Mesh editing (YZ)
·      Hands-on practices for generating mesh on participants’ PC (free trial version of CCHE-MESH)
4.     Demonstration, simulation, validation, and application cases (YJ)
·      CCHE2D model Verification and Validation
·      CCHE2D model case demonstration
5.     Application practice using GUI (Free trial version models, YZ, YJ)
·      CCHE-GUI: Set Initial Conditions and Boundary Condition
·      CCHE-GUI: Run Simulation and Results visualization
Practice is to let participants learn modeling process include parameter setting and simulation, and visualization. (using provided meshes)
·      Flow cases
·      Sediment transport cases
·      Discussions of simulation cases of K-Water students if any.

*Questions and comments from short course participants are encouraged during the short

in the classroom:

The short course is Free.
Each student need to bring a laptop computer for installing and using the software.
 Windows 64bit operating system is required.

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